frequently asked questions


how do i purchase juice?

We are no longer taking orders but will have juice stocked daily at our shop.  Give us a call at (318) 779-0030 and we will let you know what is available for that day. Upon request, we will reserve juice for you (pick-up must be the same day).


do you deliver?

Complimentary delivery is available for orders over $40. Payment is accepted at the time of pick-up. 

We accept payments in the form of cash, credit cards, and debit cards. 


returns and recycling

If you return your jar, we will place it into a recycling bin for Shreveport to pick up.



is there a well+fed la loyalty program? how can i join?

a star. After you reach 10 stars, you earn one reward redeemable for receive Customers may opt into Well+Fed LA's loyalty program upon purchasing one 12oz or 16oz juice purchase. For each bottle of juice you purchase, you will free 12oz juice of your choice. (All loyalty stars are kept online using your phone number)


what is the shelf life of your juices?

Our juice is made with organic ingredients and thus contains NO PRESERVATIVES. We recommend

drinking your juice before the posted "Best By" date, which is marked for 72 hours after juicing.


is it normal for the ingredients in my juice to separate?

Totally normal! Give the juice a quick shake and you're good to enjoy it!